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Kellie Brennan

Kellie has served in the Infantry over the past 3 decades and currently works as a Major in the Canadian Armed forces, at the Army Head Quarters Army Staff. Her Real estate career started in Quebec City in 2009; she has been a licenced realtor in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston.
Her passion is finding the right home for the awesome clients she serves, whether they are posted across the country or returning to Canada from overseas. Her 19 postings help her understand the critical needs of relocation and she knows how to serve those who serve.
She has worked in commercial real estate in Quebec and loves finding great investment opportunities for her vast clientele. This tenacious spirit and devotion to the team makes Kellie a great Branch Manager in her Ottawa office and she knows how to ensure all her clients are served with professional tailored service and goes the extra mile to complete this most important move for all her clients. Fluently bilingual with a background in accounting and business administration, she knows the value added that is required by her distinguished clientele.
Call her the moment you know you are posted and she will be able to council you on so many things to ensure to get done on time!



Sales Representative 
Quote:  Making your relocation dreams come true with discretion and professional service.



Professional Background

    Military and Police Force: Kellie has been an Infantry Officer and a Peace officer serving the Premier of Quebec and the special operations branch of the provincial police.


    Education a graduate in Business Administration, she has attended John Abbott College, Algonquin College and Yorkville University. Her certificate in real estate was granted in Quebec City in 2009 from CEI.


    Kellie Brennan is a specialist in BGRS and relocation services, she is accredited to the BGRS program and will be able to help you with the ominous tasks to navigate the relocation process.

Personal Interests:

    With her 8 children she is an active part of her community, skiing, hockey and soccer are some of the sports she enjoys, however horseback riding is her passion.