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The Home Buying Guide

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. You will experience a roller coaster of emotions while finding the right place, securing the loan and finally moving in. The purchase of a home, for most of us, is the largest investment we have ever considered. As a buyer, you need to be informed on the different avenues and steps that you need to take to ensure a successful home-buying experience, while at the same time, avoiding time consuming and costly mistakes.


The agents at KB Realty Inc., Brokerage will be able to turn this stressful time into a smooth and easy process by getting you PREPARED and PROACTIVE.


Get The Right Agent

  • Finding a buyer agent that will look after your interests is important because the listing agent will have a fiduciary responsibility to his client – the seller.
  • Make sure the agent is available and willing to communicate with you to handle any of your real estate needs.
  • Knowledge of the market and overall trends is important also.



Preapproved for a loan

  • Have your financing in place.
  • Don’t get caught finding a home, than a lender. You will be able to save yourself time and money.
  • By having your lending information in place and ready to go, you will be able to present a much better package for your offer and will add credibility to it.


Viewing Properties

  • This is the fun Part!
  • Ensure that you and your agent have a thorough understanding of what your short and long-term goals are.
  • The agent will actively pursue all listings that fit your needs and requirements.
  • It’s important to view several properties. Don’t move too slowly, but don’t move on the first property you see.


Writing the Offer to Purchase

Once you have located a place you want to call home, you will meet with your agent to draft an Offer to Purchase. Issues that you need to keep in mind include:

  • How much to offer
  • What items to ask for in your offer
  • How long you will need to complete an inspection
  • Obtaining financing; and
  • What date would be best for your closing.

A KB Realty agent will be glad to assist you through this process and will make every effort to inform and educate you on any information and steps taken.



Closing Checklist On Your New Home:

The following list is things that should be completed just prior to your closing date. A proactive approach is always a good idea to make this process as simple and smooth as possible.


  • Transfer water/sewer to your name
  • Transfer hydro to your name
  • Transfer telephone to your name
  • Notify postal service of new address
  • Inform friends/relatives of new address