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Seller Confidence Plan

KB REALTY INC. is sincerely dedicated to providing you with consistent ‘first class’ service that is proficient, courteous and responsive in helping your continuous heightened marketing presence for your property. To fulfill this commitment, we agree to perform the following services pertaining to your property:

1. Helping you to know the ‘Price is Right’, with proven market knowledge making it easy to choose the best price. Providing the most comprehensive database of listings in the area, to help you find the price that is most advantageous. This Comparative Market Analysis may be updated to reflect changing market conditions. Committed to getting the most value for your property using opportunities to appeal to the Buyer market.
2. The Listing ‘write-up ‘ is comprehensive, marketing oriented, with excellent photography, effectively showcasing the property in a professional way.
3. Improve marketing through the advanced use of online technology to accelerate the listing process in real time. Instant online presence on MLS including free on-site market exposure. Online technology attracts listing searches from powerful search engines.
4. Dedicated marketing through the use of Open Houses, local newspapers marketing, internet exposure, magazine and client networking with creative marketing techniques such as property marketing business card networking the property to a larger audience.
5. Client confidence is paramount with a consultative process to work in partnership with Sellers including privacy, confidentiality, market trends, honoring and respecting your time and knowledge. Motivated to work for your ‘Best Interest’.
6. Comprehensive Service package for responsive understanding of your needs and wants. Serving you with extensive experience, tools and latest training. Enable you to reach informed decisions, guiding you through the process of real estate procedures, typical closing costs, and purchase agreements, explaining local real estate procedures and regulations. Provide a Customized Marketing Plan for the property to include, as appropriate, recommended promotion and other activities, along with a “schedule of events” outlining those marketing steps mutually agreed upon.
7. Review various financing alternatives and assist you in determining those which best enhance the sale-worthiness of your property.
8. Using attractive and effective yard signage installed on your property (with your permission and subject to local regulations).
9. Provide regular Show your property to qualified buyers and manage other Realtors for showing the property to their clients. Regular progress reports throughout the marketing period to discuss with you comments received about your property.
10. Assist you in finding your next home, or offer to refer you to another office in another location. Provide a Referral Form, offering you the services of a realtor office at your new destination (if appropriate) to assist with your search for a new property
11. Submit Comprehensive advice, assistance and tracking with preparing and completing an offer to purchase agreement including presenting your offer to the Seller or their designated representative with integrity in a light most favorable to your needs as prescribed by law. Ensuring a simplified process to make the transition easy and convenient including free in-home or on-site consultations.