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Seller Confidence Plan

KB REALTY INC. is sincerely dedicated to providing you with consistent ‘first class’ service that is proficient, courteous and responsive in helping your continuous heightened marketing presence for your property. To fulfill this commitment, we agree to perform the following services pertaining to your property:


  1. Helping you to know the ‘Price is Right.’
  2. The Listing ‘write-up ‘ is comprehensive, marketing oriented, with excellent photography, effectively showcasing the property in a professional way.
  3. Improve marketing through the advanced use of online technology.
  4. Dedicated marketing through the use of Open Houses, local newspapers marketing, internet exposure, magazine and client networking.
  5. Client confidence is paramount with a consultative process to work in partnership with Sellers.
  6. Comprehensive Service package for responsive understanding of your needs and wants.
  7. Review various financing alternatives and assist you in determining those that best enhance the salability of your property.
  8. Regular progress reports throughout the marketing period to discuss with you comments received about your property.
  9. Submit Comprehensive advice, assistance and tracking with preparing and completing an offer to purchase agreement.


For more information, please contact our agents at 613-530-3500 or email at

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